Department of Internal medicine, Internal medicine


A brief history


The  Discipline Internal Medicine  was founded in November 1978. Initially it was named Chair of subordinate therapy. The founder of the chair, professor V. Andreev, graduated from the Institute of Medicine in Lvov, Ukraine, had worked as the head of the department until 1988. V. Andreev contributed significantly to the development of internal medicine, gerontology, he  published over 150 scientific papers, was the scientific advisor of 10 MD theses and one PhD thesis. At that time the staff of the department comprised: associate professors F.Ambros, V. Rotari, I.Ţîbîrnă, ​​G.Bivol, S. Goranskaia, lecturers L. Coban, P. Junghină, V.Mustaţă, V. Starostenco who did a lot to organize the course of study at the chair.

Since 1988 Ion Ţîbîrnă, ​​MD, professor, internist-gastroenterologist has been the head of the chair. He has published over 200 scientific papers on basic and clinical medicine, including 3 monographs and more than 18 guides and is the author of three invention and 30 innovation patents . Mr. Ion Ţîbîrnă was the scientific advisor for one PhD and four medical doctors. Currently   two professors, a consulting professor, four associate professors and a lecturer work at the department.

From its foundation until 1985 the chair reads the course of “Internal Medicine” for the students of VI-th  year, medical faculty (internship).  From 1985 to 1992 students of Faculties of Dentistry and Preventive Medicine have studied the subjects “Internal Medicine” and “Internal Medicine-semiology” at the chair. From 1992 to 2011 the department read the course of “Internal Diseases” for the students of V-th year, Faculty of Medicine.  Since 2011, as the result of reorganization, the chair lecturers have taught the subject “Internal Medicine” and “Internal Medicine-semiology” for students of Faculties of Dentistry and Medicine, specializing in Public Health. Since 1996 the chair has conducted postgraduate studies via residency and is involved in the continuing medical training of  practicing clinicians.

At the beginning of its functioning the clinical chair of two units at the Municipal Hospital no. 4 and therapy and gastroenterology units at the  medical institution  ” Constructor ” were available. In 1996, the chair was provided with a new clinical site (Head – Professor Minodora Mazur) – at the Valvulopathy unit at the Institute of Cardiology. Currently, the clinical activity of the chair is conducted on 146 beds (Internal Diseases and Cardiology units – 45 beds, Pneumology unit – 50 beds, Gastroenterology  unit- 45 beds, intensive therapy unit  – 6 beds) at the Municipal Hospital “St Michael”,  and 54 beds at the rheumatology unit of the Institute of Cardiology.